What Our Alumnae are Saying

"Before attending SMA, I had never held a camera, used editing software, or knew about the different entertainment careers.  The Arts Careers Program exposed me to different parts of the Film and TV industry and made me realize the numerous opportunities that there are."  JESSICA M. GOLD TIE '18

College Matriculation for the Arts-Related Majors Over the Most Recent Three Years

Biola University, Design (Green Tie ’21)

Cal State Dominguez Hills, Theater (Red Tie ’19)

Cal State Dominguez Hills, Visual Art (Gold Tie '22)

Cal State Fullerton, Illustration (Green Tie ’21)

Cal State Fullerton, Animation (Green Tie ’21)

Cal State Fullerton, Theater (Gold Tie '22)

Cal State Long Beach, Art, Illustration (Green Tie ’21)

Cal State LA, Visual Arts (Green Tie ’21)

Cal State Monterey Bay, Cinematic Arts & Tech (Blue Tie ’20)

Cal State Northridge, Art Education (Green Tie ’21)

Cal State Northridge, Cinema (Blue Tie ’20)

Cal State Northridge, Cinema & Television (Gold Tie '22)

Cal State Northridge, Visual Art (Gold Tie '22)

California Lutheran University, Marketing Communications (Red Tie ’19)

Clark Atlanta, Architecture (Green Tie ’21)

El Camino College, Visual Arts (Green Tie ’21)

Grand Canyon University, Communication (Gold Tie '22)

Loyola Marymount University, Visual Arts Minor (Red Tie ’19)

Marist College, Fashion and Merchandising (Blue Tie ’20)

Mount St. Mary’s University, Film (Red Tie ’19)

Mount St. Mary's University, Psychology/ Art Therapy (Green Tie ’21)

Otis, Fashion Design (Red Tie ’19)

Pace University, Journalism (Blue Tie ’20)

Pennsylvania State University, International Politics (Blue Tie ’20)

Sacramento State University, Film and Media Studies (Red Tie ’19)

San Jose State University, Journalism/Communication (Blue Tie ’20)

San Jose State University, Music Composition (Gold Tie '22)

Santa Barbara City College, Illustration (Blue Tie ’20)

Santa Monica College, Communications (Red Tie ’19)

Santa Monica College, Journalism (Red Tie ’19)

Santa Monica College, Photography (Blue Tie ’20)

Smith College, Art History (Green Tie ’21)

UC Berkeley, English (Gold Tie '22)

UC Irvine, Film & Media Studies (Green Tie ’21)

UCLA, Visual Arts Minor (Blue Tie ’20)

UC Riverside, Arts Education (Red Tie ’19)

UC Santa Barbara, Global Studies/ Performing Arts Minor (Blue Tie ’20)

UC Santa Barbara, Psychology (Gold Tie '22)

UC Santa Cruz, Film and Digital Media (Green Tie ’21)

UC Santa Cruz, Game Design (Blue Tie ’20)

University of LaVerne, Theater (Blue Tie ’20)

Vanguard University, Visual Arts (Green Tie ’21)

William and Hobart College, Art History and Studio Art (Gold Tie '22)