College and Academic Advising

At St. Mary's Academy, the counselors work to implement a comprehensive guidance program that promotes the exploration of college and career goals. Students at St. Mary's are enrolled in courses that meet the CSU/UC requirements. Beginning in freshman year and every year after, students are exposed to a rigorous curriculum that prepares them for college.  The counselors closely monitor students academic progress and work with each student and family through the college admission process. The counselors assist with college research, applications, essays, major and career exploration, and financial aid and scholarships from the beginning of their freshman year and throughout their senior year.  The counselors provide hands-on and individualized guidance to help the students decide where she will be academically challenged, comfortable, and successful.

Programming includes:

  •     Weekly college admission representative visits
  •     College tours by grade level
  •     Naviance access for each student
  •     Financial aid presentations
  •     Bi-yearly Career Day
  •     Periodic on-site college fairs
  •     Grade-level college readiness presentations
  •     College & financial aid workshops
  •     Alumnae presentations
  •     Parent/guardian conferences

Academic Advising consists of counselor-directed activities that help all students plan, monitor, and manage learning. Students meet with academic counselors to review academic progress and to plan yearly course work.  Students with academic challenges are guided by an academic counselor to seek out tutoring, either by connecting students with peer tutors through NHS/CSF or one-on-one teacher tutoring, incorporate use of time management, and study skills in order to achieve their academic goals. Academic Advising is responsible for the administration of test and interest inventories upon request, i.e. study attitudes, methods and goal setting.

The academic counseling office makes resources available to assist the student by offering information about various summer programs both remedial and enrichment and provides pamphlets on study skills, test anxiety, stress, time management plans, etc.

We are dedicated to help each student realize her individual educational goals and work closely with her and her family throughout the process.

9th and 10th grade Academic Counselor: Mrs. Bray
11th and 12th grade Academic Counselor: Mrs. Hemmans