Program Features


The Arts Careers Program

  • reaches students who might otherwise feel stifled by traditional academics by providing a creative outlet.
  • reaches students with different learning styles.
  • creates a feeling of cooperation between students and a connection to the world around them.
  • creates an exciting space for learning and discovery.
  • promotes a growth mindset to help them master their craft.
  • assists in student development of skills like resilience and self-confidence.
  • helps improve cognition across variety of subject areas.
  • teaches communication skills in a variety of ways words cannot.
  • deepens cultural and self-understanding.
  • helps students learn empathy by connecting with the world around them.
  • provides a space for commentary on social justice issues.
  • helps students express their dreams and innermost thoughts.
  • helps with mental health and overall-being.
  • creates innovators that will help design our future world.
Sister Act Production
Ceramics class
Dance performance
students on an art field trip
students in the media studio
art student painting