Picture Day
Religious ED Congress
CCountry/LMU South Bay Twilight
Temple University College visit
CCountry/Bell Jeff/Sacred Heart Invitational
No Classes
US Navy on SMA Campus
Christmas Break
School Closed
School Closed
Mass Schedule
Mass Schedule
Soccer Practice
Soccer Practice
Final Exam Make up
University of San Francisco visit
No School
Big sister/Little sister Reveal
Junior Ring
Soccer Practice
Class meeting/ Tutoring
Finals Week 9th-11th Periods 6,7
School Closed
Early Dismissal 1:25pm
St. Catherine University visit
Ash Wednesday
Whittier College visit
NYU visit
Homecoming Alumnae Reception
Mass Schedule
Regis University visit
Lenten Reconciliation Service
Soccer Practice
LMU College Visit
Academic Awards
Soccer Practice
First Day of Class
Senior Finals Period 4,5
CCountry/ Santa Fe League Meet #3 Santa Fe Dam
New Student Summer School
St. Joseph's Day Observed School Closed
Special Schedule
Senior Finals Period 1,2,3
Special Schedule
End Q4
Finals Periods 4,5
USC College visit
Coffee W/ Dr. OL
Soccer Practice
St. John's College (NM) visit
Oregon State University Visit
School Closed
School Closed
CCountry/CIF Finals
Varsity Venice Tournament ALL DAY
Cookies with the Counselors
New Student Summer School Ends
Junior/Senior Social
St. Joseph's Week
Chapman University visit
VB vs. Serra Varsity 6pm
VB vs. Serra Varsity 5pm
Soccer Practice
SMA Recital
Mass Schedule
Mt. St. Mary's Admission Event
Soccer Practice
Big/Lil Hot Chocolate
Christmas Break Begins School Closed
School Closed
VB-JV/V(Home)SGM 5/6PM
Coffee with Dr. OL
Panda Fundraiser (Virtual)
Finals Period 1,2,3
No Faculty Meeting: Go home early
Thanksgiving Break Week School Closed
VB @ Bishop 3:30/5pm
9th & 10th Grade Class Meeting
No Classes
VB (Home)Ramona Con. 5/6pm
Spring Sports Rally
Big / Little sister Mystery Week
CCountry/Bell Gardens Invitational
On site Physicals for athletes
Mass Schedule
Coffee w/ Dr. OL
Catholic Schools Week
Kairos Retreat
Interim Assessment Week
Homecoming Game VB(Home) St.Bernard 6pm
Christmas Break
Youth Day
Homecoming/Big & Little Sister Bonding week
May Crowning
Admissions Open House
Senior Ice Skating
Career Day
School Resumes
CCountry/Santa Fe League Meet #1 Cerritos Regional Park
Junior Retreat
Baccalaureate Mass
VB vs. Inglewood JV/Varsity 4/5pm
Mass of the Holy Spirit
Welcome Week
Woodbury University Visit
School Closed
Winter Sports Rally
Halloween Contest
VB (Home)Hawthorne 5/6pm
Northern Arizona University visit
Finals Period 6,7
Soccer Practice
Kairos Retreat
Senior Parent Meeting
VB-JV/V(Home)Pomona 5/6pm
Q2 Begins
Back to School Night
Notre Dame University Visit
Latino Heritage Mass
Sophomore Retreat
Mass Schedule
Coffee w/ Dr. OL (Virtual)
Fundraiser 7:30-9:45PM
Advent Reconciliation
CCountry/Ayala/Hoka One Postal Invitational
University Of the Pacific Visit
Final Exams Makeup
CCountry/Rosemead Invitational
Freshmen Tie Earning
VB @Pomona Cath 5/6pm
Varsity Venice Tournament ALL DAY
School Closed
All Parent Orientation 9:00AM
Junior Rings Place Orders
No Classes
Freshmen Retreat
Fall Sports Rally
Black History Month Liturgy
CCountry/Ojai Invitational
VB- @ Sacred Heart 5/6pm
CCountry/CIF Prelims
Spring Break
VB-JV/V @RC. 4/5pm
Mass Schedule
Kairos Retreat
CCountry/Mt SAC Invitational
Finals Week 9th-11th Periods 4,5
End of QT 1
VB Varsity @ Serra 6PM
Boston University College visit
Academic Assembly Awards
VB- vs Animo (Home) 5:00pm
Sophomore Showcase
Verb Visits SMA
Senior Finals Period 6,7
Boston College Visit
University of Dallas visit
Transfer Tie Earning
VB-JV/V @ St. Plus 5/6PM
Soccer Practice
University of San Diego visit
PJ Day
School Closed
On site physicals for Athletes
Junior Rings Informational
US Navy Visit
School Closed
CCountry/Santa Fe League Meet #2 Hollydale Park
Homecoming Dance 7-11PM
End of QT3
VB-Varsity @St. Bernard 6PM
VB JV/V @SGM 4/5pm
Finals Week 9th-11th Periods 1,2,3
Early Dismissal 1:25pm
Course changes Deadline
Virtual Admissions Info Night
VB vs. Pius JV/Varsity (Home) 5/6pm
All Saints Liturgy Schedule
School Closed