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Alumnae Home Page

Dear Alumnae:

You belong to an elite and important organization.  You spent just four (4) short years at SMA, but you became a FOREVER ALUM. Your relationship to St. Mary's Academy is really life long.    
Our Alumnae are critical to the life of the school today and your participation can provide its own reward: Self-fulfillment and a continued tradition of Educational Excellence.
Our school depends on your participation and involvement.

Here are some of the ways to engage with St. Mary's, its students, and your fellow alumnae:

Serve as volunteers for our on-campus and off-campus events.
On-Campus Events: Serve as mentors and role models for our students. How?
        Belles and Books    (Held in September)
        Career Day 2018 (Held bi-annually)
        Open House for Prospective Students (Held in the fall and winter.)
        Graduation (May)

Off-Campus Events
        The Ties That Bind & Build (Held bi-annually)
        Class Reunions
        Become a Class Captain for Your Class        
        The Donor Dinner (Held bi-annually, by invitation)

Assist with financial support, fundraising, and alumnae development.
Perhaps you have some other unique ideas for future alumnae events.....
If so and to learn more, please contact us.  


Madelyn Faustina Murray (Red Tie '67)
                            Your Chair of SMA's Alumnae Association    

PS - And please don't forget to keep your contact information updated via the Alumnae Tab on this website.     Thank you.