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Each class attends one retreat per year.


Freshmen Retreat Series: Becoming a Belle

This series of mini-retreats throughout the year will introduce the Freshmen class to the CSJ charism, the St. Mary's Academy sisterhood, and help them to more fully integrate themselves into the academic, spiritual, and active life of the St. Mary's Academy community.


Sophomore Retreat: Unifying Love

students at food bank

The sophomore retreat explores one of the core tenets of the CSJ spirit- unifying love. They will engage in activities to reflect on how they express unifying love as a class, and how they can put that unifying love into action through service to the Dear Neighbor.


Junior Retreat: Women of Distinction and Integrity

The junior retreat shifts the focus to the participants and their roles as leaders of the St. Mary's Academy community. In this day retreat, students explore what it means for them to be women of integrity and women of distinction through talks, discussions, group activities, and personal reflection and meditation.


Senior Retreat: Emmaus

group of class of 2018 at senior retreat

This three-day retreat is centered on the Gospel story of Emmaus where two disciples encountered Jesus on a journey, and through sharing of their stories, opening the scriptures, prayer, and breaking of the bread, they encountered Jesus in such a way that it empowered them to go back to their community with renewed strength. Over the course of three days, seniors will hear talks, break open the scriptures, and reflect on their own and with their fellow seniors on their experience at St. Mary's Academy. The goal for this retreat is to help seniors grow in their connection with God, self, and other, so that they can return with renewed strength to finish out the year strong and transition to the newest chapter of their lives.


Youth Day

Every year, campus ministry takes students who are interested in participating in the Religious Education Congress Youth Day, sponsored by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. The theme is chosen by the Archdiocese every year, and students participate in liturgy, and workshops with students from all over the diocese, as well as other cities and countries.  Students have the opportunity to also assist with some prayer experiences during the adult days of the Religious Education Congress.