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Application Steps


Important deadlines to consider when applying:

Early Bird Deadline for SMA Admission and Financial Aid Application- Apply to SMA and submit the FACTS Grant & Aid financial application with supporting documents by December 10, 2021 and the $75 application fee will be waived. Incomplete admission and financial aid applications cannot be processed and will not be eligible for the application fee waiver.
First Round Deadline- The deadline for first round admission and financial aid consideration is January 14, 2022.  Applications received after this date will be processed on a rolling basis as space and scholarship funds allow. Incomplete applications will not be processed until all documents are received.
Onward Scholars Program- Prospective 9th graders with a cumulative 3.5 GPA or higher in core subjects (math, English/language arts, science, and social studies) are encouraged to apply to the Onward Scholars Program. Click here for more information on Onward Scholars and to apply.


Step 1:   Submit an application

Click here to apply and to create an online account. Please complete the admission application. Submissions after December 10, 2021 will require a non-refundable $75 application fee.


Step 2:   Complete the online application checklist

After completing Step 1 online, the applicant will upload their personal insight essay, Career Path essay (if applicable), immunization record, and birth certificate. Applicants will request transcripts, standardized test scores, discipline record, attendance record, and Archdiocese Common Evaluation forms directly from their school via their online account. Sign in to see your checklist items here.


Step 3:   Optional Need-Based Financial Aid Assistance

Click here to access the financial aid application.


Step 4:   High School Placement Test

Upon completion of Step 1, 9th grade applicants will be sent an electronic form to confirm their registration for the High School Placement Test (HSPT) at St. Mary’s Academy on Saturday, January 15, 2022 (8:30AM-12:30PM). The HSPT is optional for admissions. However, it is required for applicants wanting to be considered for merit scholarships. Students are strongly encouraged to take the HSPT at St. Mary's Academy.


Step 5:    Interviews

Each applicant and at least one parent/guardian are required to interview with a school representative as part of the admissions process. Interview times are given upon completion of Steps 1-4. Interviews will be online by appointment only and will take place January 18-31, 2022.


Step 6:   Decision and Commitment Days

All admissions, scholarship, financial aid, and program notifications will be mailed and emailed on March 4, 2022 for all complete applications. The early bird registration commitment days are March 7-18, 2022. The Onward Scholars Program commitment deadline is March 11, 2022. Please refer to the decision letter(s) for more details.