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Attendance Policy

Attendance is not only essential for the student’s academic success, but is a part of her record that is a critical area of concern to future employers and educational institutions. Attendance at every class period is considered vital for each student. It must be understood that a student cannot completely “make up” work conducted in a class or material covered when a class has been missed. A student can, and should, do assignments and take exams missed, if allowed to do so, but this is not a substitute for lectures and classes missed.

Responsibility of Parent/Guardian
It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to handle all matters regarding attendance. This is also true if a student is to be released for a doctor’s appointment. A parent or guardian may not just bring a student in to school or come to school requesting to release the student. All must be in writing.

Every morning of absence, the student’s parent or guardian must phone Saint Mary’s before 8:00 a.m. to explain the reason for absence. When the student returns to school, she must bring to the Attendance Office, by 7:50 am, a note from her parent or guardian stating the reason for absence, the date(s) of absence, and the name and grade of the student. A student cannot be legally readmitted to school until such a note is presented. Students must come to school prepared for the whole of the regular school day. They may not return to school only for tests and then expect to be released because they are ill.

NOTE: A student who is unable to be present for a full day of classes is not permitted to attend functions that take place after school or on the evening of the same day as the absence, nor to represent Saint Mary’s at another school’s function, i.e. participation in an athletic event, musical or dramatic presentation; attend the Senior Prom or Belles and Beaux dance, etc. The following exceptions are made which would allow a student to attend these functions after school:
  • School sponsored outings (i.e. retreat, field trip);
  • Funeral of immediate family members;
  • Doctor/dentist appointment--office should be notified 24 hours in advance and a written medical excuse must be presented to the office prior to the evening event; and
  • Special absence with prior approval of administration.
Absences for reasons other than illness are not permitted.

Prolonged Absence
When it is necessary for a student to be absent for a prolonged period the parent should request make-up work through the school office. The receptionist will then contact the teachers involved and forward any work that can be completed during the absence. It should be remembered that class participation and presence are an essential part of the classroom grade and, even though make-up work is given, absence will be reflected in lowered grades. No student will be re-admitted without notice or clearance from the doctor.