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Bio: Members of the Student Leadership Council foster a spirit of servant leadership at SMA, were leaders serve a positive examples of responsibility and SMA character for the student body, SLC is comprised of who want develop their leadership skills as positive, selfless, respectful, and reliable leaders who will encourage others to engage in campus life and do so with the charism of the CSJ Sisters.

 Member requirements: SLC is open to rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors only. To learn about other requirements needed for each position and to be considered eligible to run for a position students must attend a mandatory leadership training in the spring and receive favorable evaluations of character and work ethic from faculty members.


Description: Student Ambassadors help recruit new students and families to SMA and represent the school for Alumni and Donor events, allowing students to develop leadership habits and provide an opportunity for young women to gain appreciation and awareness of multicultural perspectives, customs, public speaking, critical thinking and decision-making skills.

Member requirements: Student must apply to become an Ambassador. Applicants must have (and maintain) a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better to become eligible, submit a letter of recommendation from a campus faculty and/or staff member with their application, and complete an interview with the Admissions Director.


Description: The National Honor Society (NHS) recognizes students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, service, leadership, and character. The organization has been committed to four main goals since its inception: to create enthusiasm for scholarship; to stimulate a desire to render service; to promote leadership; and to develop character in the students of secondary schools. These are the criteria used to select members, which is done by a faculty committee. The mission of the California Scholarship Federation (CSF) is to recognize and encourage academic achievement and community service among middle and high school students in California. Members of CSF and NHS at SMA join forces to support an academic culture and to provide academic support to their peers through mentoring and tutoring.

Member requirements: Members qualify by meeting eligibility requirements based on their grades each semester.


Description: Since 2002, ACE Los Angeles has enabled over 1,500 high school students to discover the exciting potential of careers in Architecture, Construction and Engineering (ACE). ACE brings Architecture, Construction and Engineering professionals into high schools twice a month to teach students and mentor them. We recruit our mentors from nearby architectural, engineering and construction firms. A typical team matches half a dozen professional mentors with two dozen students in grades 10 through 12. They meet after school every other week, approximately sixteen (16) times during the academic year. Several hundred of our "alumnae" are currently in college and dozens have graduated. Most of these graduates are working in the design and construction professions and some have returned to mentor at our ACE high schools, including three of our current mentor team leaders. Our scholarship program has grown, and to date, we have awarded over $1M in scholarships to local ACE students in support of their pursuit of A/C/E careers. We have lots of on ramps for getting involved. Participate in ACE. We welcome your talents to our teams. GO ACE!

Member requirements: Open to all ties, as long as they have registered with the Director of Engineering Career Path Program


Description: NAHS inspires and recognizes those students who have shown outstanding ability in art.

Member requirements: Students must have 1 semester of a visual arts class with a grade of B+ or higher as well as a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher to apply.

student signing up for art club

Description: Members of NHS will host an art club where they will provide opportunities for students to learn to build their art skills.

Member requirements: Open to all Ties, regardless of artist skill or experience.


Description: Anime Club is a special interest club where students can bond and learn about anime-related media, art, literature, music, popular culture, and social activities and the cultural contributions of those who produce Anime. Anime Club members also have a prominent role in producing the Asian and PAcific Islander Heritage Assembly in the Spring.

Member requirements: Open to all ties.

anime club dance performance
SMA Today

Description: SMA Today is a student-run organization & broadcast news outlet featuring original reporting, editing, interviewing, and writing. BY SMA students, FOR SMA students!

Member requirements: Open to all ties.


Description: The Black Student Union is intent on creating an environment conducive to learning and teaching ourselves and others, from different backgrounds, about various aspects of the African Diaspora, past and present, in order to foster a productive cross-cultural understanding. We seek to bring awareness to the issues that Black people face, as well as offer solutions through open discussion.

Member requirements: Open to all ties.

Red Cross

Description: The Red Cross, Health & Wellness club seeks to promote better health and safety habits of the student body, as well as promote club member participation in community events and projects that better the health, safety and welfare of the community and our families.

Member requirements: Open to all ties.


students selling pink ties
campus ministry

Description: Campus Ministry forms students to serve as campus ministers in various settings at SMA: Christian formation, retreats, liturgies, and service. This organization is the spiritual life blood of St. Mary's Academy. Students lead and plan liturgies, retreats, service opportunities, Sharing of the Heart (a spiritual practice from the CSJ tradition) and formation opportunities for the spiritual growth of students. We will walk in the footsteps of our founders, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, by striving for unifying love of God and the dear neighbor both on and off campus.

Member requirements: Open to all ties

Book and Writing Club

Description: The Book Club is to have fun and bond over a love of reading. This club will give students the chance to come out of their shell and connect with fellow bookworms. Writing Club's goal is to introduce students to different types of creative writing, encouraging them to have fun with writing and use it to explore new talents, relieve stress, and express themselves in new ways.

Member requirements: Open to all ties.


Description: As young activists, we will come together to speak and stand up for voiceless and educate others on the hardships minorities encounter. We strive to bring awareness to causes that affect this world the most. Our members will be a part of a community and strive to promote equality and justice through love and support in order to make us stronger women of distinction.

Member requirements: Open to all ties.

student using a professional camera

Description: In Film Club we will gather to share our appreciation and experience of film. Discussing the movies' topics, evaluating its plots and themes, and giving our opinions whether the book or movie was better are just some of the things we would do in a meeting.

Member requirements: Open to all ties.


Description: Interact is associated with the Rotary Club of Inglewood. We are a service organization that promotes charity and goodwill to our surrounding community.

Member requirements: Open to all ties.


Description: The purpose of this club is to expose students to the fashion industry, learn about different fashion trends, and fashion tips/hacks. Fashion club members would talk about trends, discover if they would like to go into fashion industry, attend Fashion club day at FIDM, create different outfits, and have mini fashion shows. FIDM guest speakers might also come and speak on what it's like to be in the fashion industry.

Member requirements: Open to all ties.


Description: The SMA Robotics Team combines the excitement of a varsity sport with the rigors of science and technology. The Robotics Team provides SMA students interested in all academic areas the opportunity to compete in the FIRST®FRC international competition. Under limited resources, time limits, and strict rules that change every year with a new game, SMA students design and build a robot that competes in a regional tournament with a field of top competitors.

Member requirements: Open to all ties.




Description: In Crochet Club anyone interested in learning to crochet can join to start a fun hobby! We would learn basic stitches, how to read a crochet pattern, and work on making projects of our own. All are welcome -- we will learn this new skill together!

Member requirements: Open to all Ties, regardless of experience.