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Program Description: The Arts Program prepares young women for a successful transition into college in the areas of visual, performing and media arts. The Arts Program offers students both theory and hands-on experience in various creative art topics. Students may choose to join the Media Arts, Visual Arts, or Performing Arts track. The program exposes students to project-based learning, experiential learning, and the opportunity to work with teaching artists that are professionals in the field. After successful completion of the Arts Program, an SMA student will have gained extensive exposure to that particular field including career options.


Mission: St. Mary’s Academy Arts Career Path Program creates an environment where our students find their creative voice and become effective storytellers in order to have their voices heard.


Director- Ms. Christina Muraczewski
Bio: Ms. Muraczewski has been a practicing visual artist since childhood, winning her first art contest at the age of 5 and selling her first artwork at the age of 10. She attended a Catholic high school in Milwaukee, WI that was an arts magnet and was deeply influenced by her art teachers there, a few of which she is still in contact with today. She moved to the Los Angeles area after graduate school and has shown her own artwork in multiple group and solo shows around LA. Ms. Muraczewski not only enjoys sharing her passion for creating with her students but also exposing them to the art world that exists around them.

Student Opportunities:


Program Benefits:

  • The Arts Program reaches students who might otherwise feel stifled by traditional academics by providing a creative outlet..
  • The Arts Program reaches students with different learning styles.
  • The Arts Program creates a feeling of cooperation between students and a connection to the world around them.
  • The Arts Program creates an exciting space for learning and discovery.
  • The Arts Program promotes a growth mindset to help them master their craft.
  • The Arts Program assists in student development of skills like resilience and self-confidence.
  • The Arts Program helps improve cognition across variety of subject areas.
  • The Arts Program teaches communication skills in a variety of ways words cannot.
  • The Arts Program deepens cultural and self-understanding.
  • The Arts Program helps students learn empathy by connecting with the world around them.
  • The Arts Program provides a space for commentary on social justice issues.
  • The Arts Program helps students express their dreams and innermost thoughts.
  • The Arts Program helps with mental health and overall-being.
  • The Arts Program creates innovators that will help design our future world.