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Business Program Liaison: Mrs. Tyesha Hemmans

St. Mary’s Academy offers an after-school Business Pathway open to students who are interested in the field of business and accounting. St. Mary’s has partnered up with Loyola Marymount University (through sponsorship with Deloitte) and West Los Angeles College to provide students the opportunity to enroll in and experience one or more college courses taught by a college professor. Students who complete both courses receive college credits that are transferable to UC/CSU. Students also gain a deeper understanding in the language of business, accounting, and personal finance and have opportunities for field-based learning through internships, visits with business organizations, and universities.

Entrance Requirements: Students apply for these classes after enrolling at St. Mary's Academy and must be enrolled in Algebra 2 or a higher-level math class.

Courses Required: Introduction to Business (online class in the Fall semester) and Introduction to Accounting (in-person class in the Spring semester)