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Student Resources

Belles: Below you will find helpful links to various portals and resources that you are held accountable for throughout your time at St. Mary's. It is your responsibility to know your login information for any portal and to utilize these resources regularly in a timely manner. 
PowerSchool: This is our online grade book where you and your parents can view your course grade reports at any time. Your grade automatically updates each time a teacher enters in an assignment grade, so your report reflects your real-time progress in your class. 
Naviance: This is an online platform that help manages the college application process. You will meet with the College and Counseling Department to help orient you to this service. During the college application process it is imperative that seniors regularly use and update their accounts so the College Center can appropriately assist in the application process.  
Student handbook: All students receive the student handbook with their planner at the start of the school year. A student and parent/guardian acknowledgement form is signed and collected, indicating that the student and her family has reviewed the school policies, procedures, and expectations. You will be held accountable for knowing and abiding by the contents of the handbook.
Bell schedule: We have various bell schedules depending on the day of the week or special events that might take place during the school day. Consult this schedule so you know what time school starts and how long classes are.
Tutoring schedule: All teachers have additional office hours in which you can meet with the teacher for content review. In general, these are teachers' scheduled tutoring times, but always check with the teacher to see if there are any changes. 

Google Classroom: This is the online learning management system that teacher will use to post classroom content, such as homework reminders, course content, or online assignments. It is your responsibility to sign up using the codes given to you by your teacher AND to check it regularly to stay updated with what's happening in your courses. Some clubs and organizations will also use Google Classroom to communicate with their members. Please note: Google Classroom can only be accessed using your official email via the Google Apps in your Gmail account.