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Red Tie Senior Sweater Information



Red Ties: Over the past weeks you have been informed and surveyed about the Senior Sweater. Based on your chosen design payment and ordering information can be found below. Please read this carefully and pay attention to due dates.


The design is as follows.

  • Red sweater w/ white trim and white body stripe
  • Sailor hood
  • 2019 embroidered on back of hood in white
  • Name embroidered on chest in white
  • SMA logo embroidered on chest - red inside, white outline
  • 2 pockets


The price of each sweater is $236.45. This price is valid for all standard size cardigans. There is an additional fee for anyone that will need to alter their length to the torso or to adjust their sleeve length.  This fee is typically about $10.00 tax.  Anyone that may require a different size sweater fit (custom made) will also need to pay additional custom fit fees.  Those fees are typically $25.00 plus tax.  However, this information will be added into your final cost once the invoices are mailed out to students from Broadway Albion.


SMA on-site fittings and deposits will take place on Thursday, June 14th, from 5-6pm during SMA business days. Anyone who does not attend the fitting and make the deposit or pay in full on this date is subject to receiving their sweaters at a later time than the rest of the class. If students/parents cannot make the June 14 fitting/deposit session they will have to arrange one with Broadway Albion to be completed by July 1, 2018.


Students have 2 options for payments. All payments go through Broadway Albion, and NOT through SMA. 

  1. You can pay in full (the $236.45 or other final price depending on any additional fees incurred by more custom sizing) at the June 14 deposit/fitting session at SMA.
  2. You can pay a deposit of $100.00. Final balances are due to Broadway Albion by August 10, 2018.
    Broadway Albion accepts cash, check or Visa/Mastercard, but there is an additional 3% transaction fee to all cards. 


Any further questions regarding payments, fittings, deposits, etc. can be directed toward:
              Diane Salazar at Broadway Albion

2152 Sacramento St. Los Angeles, CA 90021

213-624-7740 Ext. 225


Once again, as with all Senior Uniform items, this sweater is completely optional and is not required for senior year.


Thank you,





Ms. Landry

Director of Student Activities