SMA celebrates 130 years!!!

St. Mary’s Academy rang in the New Year with a bang as we celebrated our 130th founding anniversary today with faculty, staff, students, alumna, former educators, CSJs, board members, family, and friends of St. Mary’s!  Today, we celebrated legacies of the past, present, and future.  Since 1889, our pioneer CSJs made it a point to educate and empower young women here in the beautiful city of Inglewood.  Though the building itself has gone through a handful of relocations and is constantly undergoing facility renovations, the spirit of St. Mary’s Academy has always been the same.  SMA is touched by the hands of God to help inspire and build up young women into all of which they are capable of.  It is our students of the past, present, and future, who bring life into these hallways and make our school so great.  Happy Birthday St. Mary’s Academy!