New Frontiers: 21st Century Latinx Entrepreneurship Summit

Instead of a traditional "sit down" presentation in the gym for our Latinx Heritage Assembly, Student Leadership Council hosted a summit called "New Frontiers: 21st Century LatinX Entrepreneurship". SLC invited Latinx entrepreneurs who are celebrating and advocating for their cultures within their creative business ventures. Our six presenters were women who are creating new consumer market spaces, using social media and e-commerce to develop their businesses. The student body was separated into six groups, and each group had the chance to hear from two of our guests. Our entrepreneurs shared their stories of how they began their business, why they love what they do, how their culture plays a role in their entrepreneurship, and gave wonderful advice for our girls! Hosting this allowed our students to look at the current change-makers in the Latinx community and find inspiration to become the change-makers of the future! Thank you to these amazing women for sharing their time and talent with us.

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