SMA Belles are Women of Distinction 

St. Mary's Academy

From the Director


How fast the past 12 months have flown by! It’s been a little over
year since assuming the role for St. Mary’s Academy as the
Development and Alumnae Department Director. During this time,
I have met wonderful SMA alumnae and friends of the school. The
many generous people who are on board with ensuring the
students receive the best possible education and are afforded
many ‘outside of the classroom’ learning opportunities, is
wonderfully heartwarming. What a rewarding experience to be
involved with such a giving community.

As the new school year is underway, I look forward to continued
work on projects with the school’s alumnae, friends and partners,
Foundations, our students and their parents/guardians, our faculty,
staff, and our Board members. Above all, I praise and thank our
dear Lord for the many blessings He has provided St. Mary’s
Academy the last 127 th years, and trust He will continue to grace
our school community throughout the 128 th year.

If you are new to our school community, or a long time partner,
please know you are always welcome to stop by the school for a
visit and to spend some time walking the halls and classrooms,
experiencing the enthusiastic teaching and learning going on.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me for a personal guided tour!

Jeanne Fisher
Development Director
School year 2016-2017